Legacy of Glory Scenario Guide

By Matt DeLaMater

List of Scenario Sources & Suggestions

Because there are so many readily adaptable sources to develop historical scenarios for LoG , we have not made a LoG Scenario book a top priority. So in the meantime, here is a short list of reference material that easily yields Napoleonic Wargame scenarios.

The topics covered include 1805, 1806, 1809, 1812, The Peninsula, 1813, 1814, 1815, Boardgames of Interest and Campaigning


The best book on Austerlitz in english is Christopher Duffy's Austerlitz. Austerlitz is not a particularly good wargame battle because the essence of the thing was, as Ned Zuparko phrased it in EE&L, a "strategic ambush." Thus, hindsight makes it impossible to wargame unless you insist that the Allies follow the Weyrother plan. Also, the Osprey Campaign series volume on Austerlitz would be helpful.


Auerstadt is a very interesting battle to play in LoG. If you like a challenge, each side has a host of problems. If you have a copy of the Marshal Enterprises/Clash of Arms Auerstadt game, the maps are useful. Orders of Battle are available from George Nafziger covering this campaign. Petre's book on 1806 might be the most readily available source in English. Petre has the maps, Nafziger can provide you the OBs. For Eylau, a good scenario to develop would be Davout's arrival on the right flank and his eventual contest with the Prussians.


Scott Bowden's Armies on the Danube provides maps and orders of battle for Aspern-Essling, Wagram, and Raab. Jim Arnold's Crisis on the Danube entails detailed information and wargame suggestions for the Ratisbon-Eckmuhl portion of the campaign. Both of these books are essential for your Napoleonic bookshelf. Prince Eugene at War provides more information on the Italian portion of the campaign, including details on the Battles of Piave and Sacile. Strategy and Tactics magazine did an interesting set of maps for Ratisbon-Eckmuhl in issues 113 & 114. Worth picking up if you can find them at a flea market. Note also that Mr. Arnold's second book on 1809 should be out sometime near December of 1995, and will include the battles of Aspern-Essling and Wagram.


It is imperative that you acquire two books, one is George Nafziger's Napoleon's Invasion of Russia and the other is Richard Riehn's 1812: Napoleon's Russian Campaign . By relying heavily on Nafziger's work, you will be able to put together a number of historical and hypothetical scenarios that includes Smolensk, Loubino, Borodino, Gorodetchna, Saltonovka, Polotsk, and Malo-Jaroslavetz. As a side note, chapter seven in Richard Rhien's book, on pages 93-137 , is probably the best single analysis of Napoleonic battle you'll find anywhere. I strongly recommend giving this to all Napoleonic beginners before they play LoG.

The Peninsula:

The Peninsula offers the chance to fight decisive historical battles with relatively few players. For example, Vimiero and Corunna can be fought with two players, Talavera can be played with three to four. That brings us to Featherstone's Campaigning with the Duke of Wellington and Featherstone. While we can't recommend this book as a purely historical reference, it is immesely useful for the wargamer (for whom it was intended). It covers with maps and OBs the following battles that would be of interest to the LoG gamer: Vimiero (21 August 1808) Corunna (16 January 1809), Talavera (27-28 July 1809), Fuentes d'Onoro ( 5 May 1811), Albuera (16 May 1811), Salamanca (22 July 1812), and Vitoria (21 June 1813). For those with a deeper interest in the period, I recommend Napier's four volume history as well as David Gates The Spanish Ulcer. . Also, detailed Battalion level board games exist for Talavera, Corunna, Albuera, and Salamanca that provide good maps and OBs.


George Nafziger's Lutzen & Bautzen: Napoleon's Spring Campaign covers the monster battles in its title along with the battle of Mockern, (5 April 1813) and Reichenbach (22 May 1813). Mr. Nafziger's second book on 1813, Napoleon at Dresden: The Battles of August 1813, picks up the second half of the campaign after the armistice. This includes the battles of Dresden, Katzbach, Lowenberg, Gross-Beeren, Kulm, and Dennewitz. Both of Mr. Nafziger's books provide good maps and detailed orders of battle. Look for a future volume to complete the trilogy by focusing on the action in Septemmber and October. Also valuable is Scott Bowden's Napoleon's Grande Armee of 1813.


Jean Lochet and George Nazfiger did a wonderful series of articles in the new EE&L on the Six Days Campaign that includes maps and orders of battle for Montmirail, Champaubert, Chateau-Thierry and Vauchamps.


Numerous soures exist sufficient to cover the campaign in Belgium.

General Sources:

The West Point Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars by Esposito and Elting. These maps, coupled with Nafziger's OBs, can go a long way. The OspreyCampaign Series includes the following Napoleonic topics: Austerlitz, Jena-Auerstadt, Wagram, Leipzig, and Waterloo. These are generally very useful wargame references.

Boardgames of Interest:

The Clash of Arms games are highly recommended as scenario resources, but probably represent an expensive way to go about it. As a game system, the Clash of Arms La Bataille series is supremely disappointing in it's lack of higher command control rules.


Fighting Campaign battles is the the ultimate end of Legacy of Glory. Several boardgames provide good camapaign maps, but the best series has been Kevin Zucker's campaign games published by either Avalon Hill or Clash of Arms. I suggest you acquire several of these maps. For the more ambitious, there are numerous maps avalilable from large public libraries. Contemporary European topographical maps are still very useful and are readily available in the United States. You should have no difficulty in getting maps of Central Germany. We continue to be developing campaign rules for use with LoG. If you are starting a campaign, please feel free to contact us for information or playtest copies of the campaign rules.
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