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Old Glory Miniatures 10mm, 15mm and 25mm

We stock the entire line of Old Glory Miniatures including 15mm and 25mm and Old Glorys 10mm Magnificent Little Soldier Company. You can order from one source on line whether Old Glory 15mm Ancients thru WWII Command decission orOld Glory Napoleonic , Seven years War 10mm, 15mm and 25 miniatures. We also have an excellent selection of supplies, rules, buildings and terrain.
La Gloire
1/300 Scale Armada Spanish and English Ships
10mm Old Glory Buildings
1/300 Scale Napoleonic Ships
1/300 Scale WAR OF 1812 Ships
15mm Pirate Ships
25mm Ships
Age of Arthur 25mm - Dark Age Britian 450-650 A.D.
American Civil War 10 mm Figures
American Civil War 15 mm Figures
American Civil War 25 mm Figures
Ancient High Command 25 mm Figures
American War of Independance 10 mm Figures
American War of Independance 15 mm Figures
American War of Independence 25 mm Figures
Ancients 15 mm Figures
Ancient and Medeival Siege Equipment 25mm
Ancient 25mm Boats
Belisarian Byzantine - 25mm
Biblical Wars 10mm
Biblical Wars 25mm
Boxer Rebellion 15mm
Boxer Rebellion 25mm
Caesar's Gallic Wars 10 mm
Caesar's Gaulic Wars 25mm Miniatures
Colonials Wars 15mm
Colonials Wars 25mm
Cossack Wars 25mm
Crusade 25mm Miniatures
Dark Ages - Middle Ages 10mm
Dark Ages - Middle Ages 15mm
Dark Ages - Middle Ages 25mm
English Civil War 10 mm
English Civil War 25mm
Eastern Renaissance Armies 25mm
Fall of Rome 25mm
Francco Prussian War 15mm
French and Indian War 25mm
Ghost 25mm Figures
Han Chinese 25mm Miniatures
Hundred Years War 25mm
Imperial Rome and Her Enemies 10 mm
Imperial Rome and Her Enemies 25mm
Italian Wars 25mm (Ancient Italy)
Italian Wars 25mm - Renaissance
Jacobite Wars 15mm
Jacobite Wars 25mm
Late Rome and Her Enemies 10mm
Liegnitz - The Mongols in Europe 25mm
Lost African Tribes 25mm
Mad Anthony Wayne American Legion 25mm
Macedonian and Punic Wars 10 mm
Maori Wars 25mm
Marlburians 10 mm
Marlburians 25mm
Mexican-American 15mm
Mexican-American 25mm
Napoleonic 10mm
Napoleonic 15 mm
Napoleonic 25 mm
Napoleon in Egypt 25mm - 25% off Sale
Ottoman Turks 15mm
Ottoman Turks - 1450-1690 - 25mm
Pikes Spears and Javelins 10 and 25mm
Pirates 25mm (Limited Edition)
Poncho Villa and Pershing 28mm
Post World War II 15mm Miniatures
Punic Wars 25mm
Revolting Peasant Mob - 25mm
Russo-Japanese War 15mm
Sassin Sam 25mm Ships by JT miniatures
Samurai 15mm Miniatures
Samurai Katana Range 25mm
Saxons, Vikings, Normans 10 mm
Sikh Wars - First and Second Sikh Wars 25mm
Somerled - The Viking Slayer - 25mm
Sons of the Desert 25mm
Spanish American War 25mm
Spartacus - The Slaves Revolt Wars 28mm
Siege Equipment 25mm
Seven Years War 15mm Miniatures
Seven Years War 25mm Miniatures
Texas War of Independance Range 10mm
Texas War of Independance Range 25mm
Trojan Wars 25mm
Vietnam Range 15mm
Vlad the Impaler 25mm
Vampire Wars 25mm
War of 1812 15mm
War of 1812 25mm
War of the Roses 25mm
Wars of Religion 1550 - 1600 25mm
World War I 25mm Miniatures
World War II 15 mm
Wild West Figures 25mm (War Paint)
Zulu 10mm

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