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Whether you are a new visitor or a familiar face, we hope you find some help in these pages. We are both incurable genealogists, bitten by the quest to know more many years ago. In our extensive travels, we happen upon a variety of family-oriented materials in various places that we cannot bear to see cast aside with unconcern. Many, many miles and a lot of expense goes into saving these old documents and photographs. If not cared for properly, they will eventually fade from existence. We felt compelled to list these materials on a website so that folks looking for such materials would have a central location to peruse. We have tried to organize the materials in a coherent fashion, all of which can be accessed through the links listed below.

We update these pages as we receive or distribute materials. Sometimes, that is daily, sometimes weekly. certain to check back with us from time to time as one never knows what one will find amongst our materials. If you decide to obtain one of our items, we would really enjoy hearing who some of these people are. The sheer volume of our collection precludes us from researching much of these materials.

A Thumbnail Sketch of Each of Us:

Ky. Col. Eric C. Nagle, a native New Yorker of transplanted Pennsylvanian parentage, 1981 graduate of The University at Albany (B.A. American & European History). Member of: Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society, Falmouth, Ky. (Co-Founder and Past President and current President); Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels; Sons of the American Revolution (Past Chapter President), Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (Camp Secretary), Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, New York; Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts; Clearfield County (Pa.) Historical Society; Tingleys United; Mystic Lodge 405 F&AM; Valley of Dayton, AASR. By profession, a heavy/highway construction estimator and project manager since 1981. An historian and a genealogist for 31 years (since I was 13 years of age) he writes genealogical research books along with numerous articles for various historical and genealogical newsletters, magazines, and journals. A descendant of early Massachusetts Puritans and fishermen, Pennsylvania Germans, Hudson Valley Dutch, with a dash of Maryland Irish Catholics seeking religious freedom.

This link will take you to the Ahnentafel of my families: Ahnentafel of Eric Nagle

Larry L. Ford, a native Kentuckian, Founder and Past President of Pendleton County Historical & Genealogical Society in Falmouth, Ky. Also member of: Sons of the American Revolution, Society of War of 1812, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; Campbell County (Ky.) Historical Society; Magoffin County (Ky.) Historical Society; Taylor County (WV) Historical Society. By profession, a floral designer and floral shop manager for many years. Larry has been researching his Ford family and related families for 15 years and co-authored The Ford Family Genealogy. A descendant of stalwart pioneers who forged their way across the mountains from Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina to make a new home in the wilds of Kentucky.

This link will take you to the Ahnentafel of my families: Ahnentafel of Larry Ford

A Note of Thanks:

We receive between 5 and 20 e-mails a week about family items. People who find material on our site appear to be thrilled to see an ancestor they may never have seen. Yes...we ARE equally as thrilled to hear the excitement of others! We just want to say "Thank you" to all the kind folks out there who have written to thank us for all our hard work. Keep your family ties strong!

A Few Words About our Favorite State-Kentucky!

For those who do not know us personally, we LOVE the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Larry Ford is lucky enough be to a native Kentuckian. Eric Nagle adopted the kind people of Kentucky many years ago...and they adopted him, too! What can be said about Kentucky...Bluegrass horse farms, fried bologna and fried apple pies (made with dried apples...the only way to make an apple pie!), bourbon balls, the musty fragrance of white burley tobacco curing in a barn, the Kentucky History Center, Owensboro barbeque, the curious taste of pawpaws on a cool October day, the fragrant smell of orange-striped plum grannies, October Court Days, The Kentucky Wool Fest, friendly people, smiling faces, and beautiful views from treetop crested mountains...we could simply go on and on! If you have never visited Kentucky, please, by all means, take the opportunity. You won't be disappointed!! And when a Kentuckian waves at you when you drive by like you are a friend, by all means, wave back as one!

An example of an image from our collection (changes periodically):

Above: A collegiate carte-de-visite image of J.S. Cheek of Madisonville, Ky., President of the Madisonville Normal School and Business College and 1883 Graduate of the National Normal University, Lebanon, Ohio


Antique Family Photograph Archives

Image Collection:

Through a number of years, we have collected numerous antique photographs of individuals and family groups. All these photographs were taken from the Civil War period up to about 1910.

These are all original photographs; all have somewhere on them data which identifies the individual or individuals in each photograph. These are, for the most part, tintypes, cartes-de-visite, or cabinet cards. Some are large group photographs. All are in the condition in which they were obtained and have not been touched-up or repaired. Our collection contains nearly 3,000 images.

Below is a listing of surname initial links to photos contained in our catalogue of family photography. Information about the individuals as noted on the photograph is included. If you have an interest or see a name which might possibly be one of your ancestors, you might consider obtaining it and putting it back in your family where it belongs. Please contact us for the cost for each item. We do charge for returning items, however, the cost is minimal and only helps us recapture expenses we have made in acquiring these materials such as: gasoline, vehicle repairs, lodging, meals, and the cost of the items. We don't and never intend to earn a profit from this project (that's why we both have "regular" jobs). Most photographs in our collection, unless they are large and hard to ship, range in cost from $15 to $30. Family Bibles and documents generally are more depending on the costs to acquire them and cost to ship. We accept personal checks and money orders for payments, but since we only do this for enjoyment, we don't handle credit cards.

Please note: We do not furnish copies of images; we only offer original materials.

Catalogue of Images:

Arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the person's last name (links to each below). Be certain to check maiden and married names for females.

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    Some folks have expressed an interest in us listing their e-mail address along side an item in our lists when they obtain that item. That way, should anyone else be interested in the same item after it is sent to someone, they can e-mail the person who obtained the item and share information. If you wish us to do this, you must give us permission AND give us your complete e-mail address when you correspond with us.

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    Ford and Nagle, 5525 Neville Street, Dayton, Ohio 45424-6072

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    Please be patient when writing. We receive a lot of email and our jobs, health problems and a lot of other mundane "stuff" sometimes get in our way!


    Here are some testimonials people offered about our service. We absolutely love comments like these. This is hard work and requires a lot of traveling, so we are always tickled to know that people are being helped by our hard work.

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